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PLEAV is founded and staffed by former Googlers with years of industry experience. Committing themselves to generating traffic, covering leads & growing your revenue.

The world is chock-full of agencies packed with talent, and brimming with ideas. So what sets us apart? A commitment to a simple principle: that great ideas are defined by their purpose, not their properties. They achieve a goal. They solve a problem. They cause a response. Which make great ideas worth investing in.


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Our Specialty

We focus our efforts where it matters the most

That is why we have selected the most impactful areas of online marketing to work within. Staying true to our nature of focused & determination.


Explore & learn more about our focus areas to the right.

Meet Our Team

We don't want to bore you with our greatest accomplishments instead we just want to show you that we are in fact real people with real motivations to help your business succeed.


Co-Founder & CMO


Co-Founder & Lead Developer


Co-Founder & CTO

How We Do It

We are a boutique Digital Marketing agency for you. We care deeply for small business and want to help yours succeed. Let's talk about how we can make your life easier.

  • Discover

    Understand your key goals & objectives through multiple PLEAVdiscovery™ sessions aimed at building long-term success

  • Design

    No standard agency solution here, instead we design your campaigns on all platforms from scratch based on PLEAVdiscovery™

  • Develop

    Auto-pilot? No way! We actually do real work daily in your account, we even provide you a weekly snapshot of our work

  • Dialogue

    We don't leave you hanging, we keep you updated, educated and in the loop so that at any time you know as much as we do

Solving Problems and Keeping Clients Happy

PLEAV is engineered to amaze, and we constantly strive to make your business even better. Growing a business is truly an iterative process that involves a lot of trial and error. Measuring what really matters is something that we deeply stress because if businesses don’t measure, they’re shooting in the dark.

9884 Ads Live
38 + Happy Clients
835 Campaigns

Commonly Asked Questions

We can most certainly help you out for free, with a free basic analysis of your current setup, contact us for more information.

We believe in flexibility and freedom, not hand-cuffs, we have designed our service to not restrict you in anyway. You can leave us at any time for any reason.

We could talk about our numerous technologies, concepts and methodologies we apply but we would much rather say that it's us (the people of PLEAV) that makes the real difference. We are dedicated to making your business grow.

Since everything is uniquely customized to your business we can't give you a specific number here, but contact us for a quote and we would be happy to discuss.




made from scratch

Let us build you a custom plan for all your campaigns and execute them within your goals. No auto-pilot, No commitments just pure PLEAV performance.

integrates with 3rd parties

Already working with other third party tools (analytics, SEO or SEM tools) we integrate with most of them and can work side-by-side or in synchronous with them.

Awarded for excellence

We don’t care much for fancy industry awards, seals & accreditation what matters most is that more than 9/10 of our customers are satisfied with the results we have achieved for them.

unlimited potential

Our specific industry knowledge from companies like Google & Facebook combined with our unique technologies & methodologies allows us to grow your business virtually limitless following our proven strategies.

documention & training

We document, inform & educate you along the way if you want to keep up-to speed, that way you don’t have to worry if one day you decide to leave PLEAV (we know you wont), since you will know as much as we do.

dedicated one on one support

We don’t do phone trees, call centers, account managers, account executives or whatever they are called nowadays, instead we just do one-to-one support with one of our partners & founders.


  • “These guys are the real deal, they have skin in the game and truly care about us, we are happy to always speak with a human when we call and have our needs addressed promptly. ”

    Edward W. / Edwards Wallace & Sons

  • “PLEAV helped us better understand our own customers, this resulted in a 22% growth of revenue on our existing consumer base as well as a 300% growth on our new customer intake year on year.”

    Samantha J. / Bloom & Associates

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